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Mo'lloy | Comments (108) | hot links | November 10, 2010 5:43 pm

- HIGLY REGARTED SABAR METRISHIN Gil Thorpe makes his argument for J-Roll winning  a Gold Glove. (The 701 Level)
- Predicting where the top 50 free agents will land (we did a better job, BTW)… Phils get 2 former Mets! Hooray!!!1 (MLB Trade Rumors)
- Villanova a 2 seed in the Southwest bracket. Who needs the regular season? (cnnsi)
- The coolest parking lot of all time. (Wired)
- Google gives every employee a $1,000 bonus and at least a 10% raise (and fires the employee that made the information public). (cnn)
- Not only is Shyne out of prison, he’s now an Orthodox Jew. I fully expect a tour with Matisyahu to be announced shortly. (NY Times)
- If you’re a dude and you use a laptop, keep your legs apart when it’s on your lap. (Wired)
- Lil Wayne – out of jail for a week and already banned from the Wynn Casino. A true American hero. (TMZ)

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