It’s very simple. What started as an inside joke has become a mission: get my big, handsome head on live TV as often as possible. College Gameday. Monday Night Football. Good Morning America. I don’t care. If there is a camera, there should be a Weems head. Why the hell not? If Jay Leno can have his big, stupid head on TV every night, I’m entitled. My site will allow people to track where I’ve been, get others involved, and shout out those who’ve joined the Weems Army.

But let’s be honest, how often can I grace the public airwaves with my beautiful face? Once a week? Maybe. I am gonna need filler for this damn site between appearances, so I will talk about things I know and like. Topics will include Philly sports, Penn State football, hot girls, and any other goddamn thing that I want to talk about, because, well, it’s my effing site. If you like it, good. If you don’t, go back to searching the internet for free porn.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. As well as being super good-looking, I am also super creative. I sell t-shirts on this site. Buy that shit. It will help me keep the site going and allow me to add new t-shirt designs. You can check out the tees by clicking on or typing in www.weemswear.com in your browser. Seriously, buy that shit. Like now.

FYI, I’ve employed a staff of sports geniuses to dissect different sports. So when you see these names, they might not be as cynical as myself. Get used to the names; you will see them a lot.

Mo’lloy – College football freak
Pav-Lo – Everything basketball
Yodo – Baseball guru
Yankin – Hockey nut
Kizzle – NFL expert

Other contributors:
Degenerate Jeff – Wagering advice
HoJo – Entertainment/being crazy