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Mo'lloy | Comments (39) | hot links | March 25, 2011 9:00 am

- Gus Johnson calling great moments in history. (Quickish)
- Former Eagle great, Chuck Bednarik, hospitalized. (ESPN)
- Cyclops baby is born, only lives for 1 day. (AOL)
- The more that comes out, the deeper in shit Tressel seems. (Columbus Dispatch)
- The unhealthiest, and therefore most delicious chips and dips. (The Daily Beast)
- Per Zo, and many others, Brad Lidge won’t be healthy to start the season. Worst. Off-season. Ever. (Twitter)
- Snow Dogs mashed with Inception. The Internet wins again. (BuzzFeed)
- Susan Finkelstein, the woman who offered sex for Phillies World Series tickets, is posing topless in Philadelphia Magazine. (The 700 Level)
- Ron Artest’s new single, “Go Loco”. (TBJ)
- Watch out for yuppies. They totally ruin a neighborhood by putting in new homes and condos in the place of abandoned homes and vacant lots. (



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