DJax outruns Chris Johnson on Shaq Vs.

Kizzle | Comments (0) | Eagles | August 18, 2010 11:54 am

DJacc might just be the fastest dude in the league. For as much as everyone makes of CJ’s blinding speed, Jackson sure looked like he could beat the Titans’ back in a footrace, last night on ABC’s Shaq Vs. The race pitted Dwight Howard, Chris Johnson and Tyson Gay vs. Maurice Green, DeSean and Shaq. Dwight Howard actually beat the former Olympic sprinter, Maurice Green, in the first 50m, giving CJ the baton before DeSean, but DeSean ended up handing off his baton to Shaq before CJ reached Tyson Gay. Jackson was flying. DeSean’s team ended up losing, but, to be honest, the race wasn’t really fair: young Olympian vs. old Olympian, young NBA center vs. old NBA center, and 2 pretty equal NFL stars. DeSean was the only hope for Shaq’s team, and he made it a close race.

Watch the whole episode online here.

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