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Mo'lloy | Comments (0) | hot links | June 6, 2012 9:49 am

- Cops in Brazil, man. (YouTube)
- Congrats to Philly’s own Will Fuller who becomes the 10th member of Penn State’s 2013 recruiting class. (BSD)
- Scott Walker wins the recall election in Wisconsin. The Koch Brothers celebrate by furiously beating each other off. (WaPo)
- While I can’t stand the song “Call Me Maybe”, Miami Dolphins cheerleaders. (YouTube)
- Both Ryan Howard and Chase Utley will DH in the most expensive extended spring training game ever. (
- Chris Bosh’s masseuse died in Bosh’s house. (BDL)
- Freedom Brown. (Morning Call)
- Axl Rose had $200,000 of jewelry stolen. More importantly, Axl Rose had $200,000 of jewelry at one point. (NME)
- Yep, Jerry Sandusky is still the worst. (ABC)


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