Wednesday Hot Links

Mo'lloy | Comments (1,617) | hot links | February 29, 2012 9:00 am

- The Giants will host the NFL’s debut on Wednesday, September 5th. Why on a Wednesday, you ask? Blame Obama (no, really). (ESPN)
- Nicki Minaj makes fun of Chris Bosh for crying. (Ball Don’t Lie)
- The .gif of the day (for the gentlemen – SFW). (Internets via reddit)
- Scott Parker’s hair is the new captain of the English Men’s National Team, taking over for Racist John Terry (that’s his new name). (BBC)
- In scary news of the day, Apple is now worth more than the entire country of Poland. (CNN)
- Great moments in karate glamour shots. (World Wide Interweb)
- A Brazilian man tried to open a bank account with an ID that had Jack Nicholson’s picture on it. (The Daily What)
- Holy balls…The Blue Jackets wanted the moon for Rick Nash. (Puck Daddy via Broad Street Hockey)



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