Tuesday Hot Links

Mo'lloy | Comments (1,130) | hot links | February 28, 2012 9:00 am

- A kid in Minnesota scored 71 points in a losing effort. (Yahoo)
- Howard gets his Achilles checked out. (ESPN)
- How Devon Still performed at the NFL combine. (Penn Live)
- The .gif of the day. (Internets via reddit)
- There’s nothing funnier than a young Liverpool fan poking himself in the eye while celebrating. I’m assuming he was celebrating a racial epitaph being hurled at one of Cardiff City’s players. (YouTube)
- In super sad news, Jan Berenstain, one half of the creative minds behind The Berenstain Bears, has passed away. (Washington Post)
- Let’s all laugh as Vick Ballard falls on his face running the 40 at the Combine and potentially costs himself millions of dollars. (Shutdown Corner)
- Speaking of 40s, watch Andrew Luck race RGIII and Cam Newton in the 40. (Shutdown Corner)



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